How to choose a good mover

Moving from one home to another is extremely stressful, whether it’s across town or across the county. Packing up everything you own is hard enough but then to turn around and leave all your possessions in the hands of people you don’t know makes it all the worse. Although moving can never be take place without some degree of stress there are ways to select movers in Ottawa Ontario that will make the best out of a bad thing.

Moving is a very personal thing, companies can advertise all they want but at the end of it all, the service they provide can only be attested by those who have experienced it. Most people have experienced a move at one time or another; ask around, talk to your neighbours and people at work, anyone that can provide a recommendation based on personal experience. A great place for recommendations as well as warnings is from a real estate agent.

Once you have compiled a list based on the recommendations call them. On the phone get some pertinent information; you want the full name of the company as well as the name under which they do business, find out how many years they have been in business and what insurances they carry. For your own protection and peace of mind never do business with an unlicensed company.

The best movers in Ottawa Ontario belong to the BBB, Better Business Bureau. Check with the BBB and find out if the companies on your list have any complaints and if so, how were they resolved. Good moving companies should not have a record of complaints but even the best companies can’t satisfy everyone, what’s important is that they attend to the complaints and find an acceptable solution.

Once you have boiled it down to three movers that have excellent records with the BBB and have met all the prerequisites from your initial inquiry it is time for you to make a cold visit to their facilities. Look for cleanliness and order, it is a good sign if the people are friendly and answer your questions.

Hopefully all three will pass this test, now it is time to ask for detailed quotations. Schedule a representative to visit you in your home, never accept an estimate over the phone. Contact Gerry’s Moving, Movers in Ottawa Ontario have various ways in which they price their service; some work by the hour while others charge by weight and volume. Once you have assessed all that you have learned, temper it with a little “gut feel” and make your decision, backed up by a written contract.


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