How To Become A Tattoo Artist

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Business

Tattooing is a centuries old practice. It is a form of body-modification that is permanent. In the last 20 years, television shows on the subject and the personalities that are behind the practice have increased the popularity of tattoos. Moreover, where it was once looked down upon by educators, the profession is now seen as a possible career. In fact, online sites and high school vocational teachers can readily supply you with information on how to become a tattoo artist.

Education Requirements
While traditionally, no formal education has been required, increased competition for well-trained tattoo artists have changed this. Learning institutes such as the Master Tattoo Institute, make it easier for you to learn all about how to become a tattoo artist. Such schools are raising the bar for those who want to enter the trade. They are dedicated to revealing to people that is an alternative route to becoming a professional.

While formal education beyond a high school GED is not a pre-requisite, some tattoo artists prefer to apprentice those who have had formal training in the art of drawing. Since tattoo artists spend much of their time, drawing, redrawing and drawing again, this can prove to be very beneficial. Many colleges, including schools that focus on tattooing, provide training in this field. If you are wondering how to become a tattoo artist, consider drawing lessons part of your training.

Apprenticeship Is a Must
While formal training can be avoided, an apprenticeship cannot. In fact, it is an essential part of the overall learning process. If you want to become a tattoo artist, it is always best to attach yourself to the best. It is a hands-on method of learning. Moreover, it is required by many American states if you want to obtain a license to operate.

An apprenticeship may take up to three years. It will involve learning such things as:
• Learning how to design tattoos
• Discovering how a tattoo shop is operated
• Learning how to sterilize the equipment used in the shop

Apprenticeships are rarely come free. The practice involves you either paying the master tattooist in the shop or signing an agreement to work for this individual for a stated amount of time following the completion of your apprenticeship.

Final Thoughts on How to Become a Tattoo Artist
If you decide to become a tattoo artist, you can go from completion of school directly into an apprenticeship. Yet, it may be wiser, and make finding someone to apprentice with easier, if you attend a tattoo school. Facilities such as Master Tattoo Institute make it their business to help you become a better and more successful tattoo artist.

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