How a Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help Your Claim against your Employer

If you have compiled evidence against your employer that points to the fact they are participating in fraud, bribery or any other illegal violation you are not comfortable with, you are probably wondering if you have a case against your employer. In order to determine if you have a valid case and one that will offer a substantial reward, you should consult with a whistleblower lawyer. The various entities your employer can perform wrongdoing against and your lawyer can help you with include Medicare, Medicaid, the IRS or the Federal Housing Authority, to name a few.

Increase Your Chances

An experienced whistleblower lawyer does more than tell the judge exactly what you told him. He will extensively research your case and compile the necessary information to uphold the claim you have made against your employer. The lawyer can research any information that is publicly available that can aid your case and will effectively present it to the court in a compelling way. He will also handle all filing of the proper documents, as well as handle any communication that is necessary with the organization involved in the violation. This leaves you less vulnerable for retaliation or wrongdoing from your employer as a result of your claim.

Legal Representation Is Required

Most whistleblower cases require the representation of

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a whistleblower lawyer by law. This legal counsel is for the state or federal government to determine the validity of the case. It is generally understood that the lawyers will be able to determine what is legitimate and what is not before the case actually gets to court. This allows the court to avoid dealing with false accusations.

File Quickly

Most states only allow the first whistleblower to reap the rewards of the case. This makes it mandatory to hire a lawyer to handle your case as soon as possible, especially if you are not the only employee who is aware of the legal issues your employer is involved in. If someone else files a claim before you, the case will be closed to any other potential claims.

While it is never easy to file a claim against your employer, especially if you are pointing fingers at your employer, a whistleblower lawyer can make the process easier. With a thorough understanding of the laws, how to present a case and how to protect the person making the claim, a lawyer is your best chance at a successful case.

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