Homeowners Turn to Siding Installation in Huber Heights to Reduce Home Maintenance

Homeowners often have to paint their wood clapboards after a winter filled with snow storms, sleet and hail. After a few years of this, Siding installation in Huber heights becomes an attractive option to homeowners. Because the color is baked into all of the layers of the siding, it never has to be repainted. Vinyl and aluminum are two of the most popular materials used to make siding. People considering who are considering siding installation should look for a contractor that is used to working with a variety of siding brands. This will give them the largest choice possible. Their first decision should be the color. Siding can last 20 or 30 years, so they should pick a color that they won’t want to replace. If they think they will want to sell their home in a few years, they should pick a popular color.

If people want their Siding installation in Huber heights to look like wood clapboards, they should tell their contractor. He will recommending siding that casts the same type of shadow as wood. Siding doesn’t lay flat on the side of a house. It has a profile that can slant a few inches from the house. The deeper the slant the more shadow it will cast. Local contractors can recommend houses in the area that the homeowner can look at to understand the different siding profiles.

Siding is so light that it can be applied over the existing clapboards. This can provide additional insulation and lower energy bills. However, the siding doesn’t lay flat on the surface and this can cause it to warp. Contractors minimize warping by placing insulation between the siding and original clapboards. Homeowners should ask about the shape of the insulation. Some contractors use flat insulation. Because the siding has a profile, this doesn’t fill all of the space and there is still a chance that the siding will warp. If the contractor uses insulation shaped to fit the space, then it will prevent warping.

Wayne Overhead Door Sales and Home Improvements is one of the companies in Huber Heights that installs siding. They have many samples that will help homeowners understand the different types of siding.


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