Home DNA Testing Kits for Paternity and Genetics

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For some people who want to have a genetic test, a home DNA testing kit can be preferable to traveling to a lab. There are positive and negative aspects to this method of testing, so it is not for everyone. Get the facts about this process and choose the option that meets your personal needs.

Who May Prefer a Home DNA Testing Kit

A home test offers all the benefits of a professional lab test. This method is just as accurate as a test done at a physician’s office or medical lab. The only difference is that the DNA is collected at home by an individual, rather than a lab technician.

This type of test is good for those that need only to verify paternity or another relationship. Because the chain of custody cannot be guaranteed, this method is not appropriate when paternity is necessary for custody or child support. If the results must be certified for legal purposes, a lab test is necessary.

Many individuals choose this method for privacy reasons. When a child is older, it can be practical to gather DNA from a toothbrush without his or her knowledge, protecting him or her from unnecessary concern.

Some individuals find this procedure valuable in suspected infidelity situations. Bodily fluids from clothing can provide DNA that may be determined to belong to a third party when compared to known DNA, such as from a toothbrush.

For some families, the cost of a lab test may be prohibitive. One should not be prevented from knowing the truth when finances are the only factor standing in the way. A home test is much more affordable because it requires no additional doctor or lab fees. Customers pay only for the test itself.

How a Home DNA Testing Kit Works

The process for using a home DNA testing kit is straightforward. Start by talking to a testing counselor to evaluate your circumstances. If the home method is appropriate, you will receive a kit in the mail with instructions. Collect the DNA from both parties and return it in the prepaid envelope.

Testing takes only about a week. Call the testing facility to receive your results. This method is as reliable as any DNA testing method. This means that genetic markers are compared between the two parties to calculate a match. A test cannot determine specifically whether an individual is the father of a child, but can establish a definite relationship.

Choosing a Home DNA Testing Kit

There are many brands that offer a home DNA testing kit. Choose a company that guarantees your privacy and offers a competitive rate. Advanced technology has made the testing system accessible to all, so this should not be a costly or complex procedure.

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