Why Hire a Woodstock Social Security Attorney?

Disability can occur for a variety of different health conditions. If you have become ill physically or mentally and are now unable to work, there is help afforded to you through your rights as an American citizen. Through these rights, you have the ability to receive benefits for your disability. Though this is a right to all, many people are denied, simply because they do not understand the process and are not fully aware of how to protect their rights. To avoid complications in receiving the benefits you deserve, it can help to hire a Woodstock social security attorney.

What Can You Expect When Filing for Social Security Disability?

When you first become disabled, you will need to make sure you are under a doctor’s care. You will need at least two doctors to state in writing you are disabled as well as provide medical proof for your illness or injury. The more medical records you have, the better the chances of you getting an approval. It is important to note, many people are denied when they first file for disability. This seems to be a way of weeding out people who do not truly need benefits. At this stage, many people give up and do not realize they have the ability to appeal any decisions. Through the help of a Woodstock social security attorney, you can have the help you need, to fight for your rights to receive benefits.

The process for receiving benefits is not always an easy one. It can take several months for you to hear back on a decision. The good news is, you will receive benefit payments from the moment you first file. This typically means you will receive a lump sum payment at first and then will begin receiving your regularly scheduled monthly payments.

If you are in need of help to file for disability or you have already been denied, contact Nash Disability Law. They can help to fight for the protection of your rights, to make sure you get the benefits you deserve. Contact them today for a free consultation so you can get the help you need.

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