Why You Should Hire A False Claims Act Attorney In Chicago

If you worked for the government and hired a person or company, usually a federal contractor, to help you with something and they did not do what they claimed, you may be able to create a case based on the False Claims Act, otherwise known as the Lincoln Law. However, the process can be lengthy and challenging for people who have no skills handling legal matters, so you may want to hire an attorney in Chicago who can help.


Those who try to swindle you or otherwise not do what they promise can face civil and criminal penalties if they violate the Lincoln Law. In some cases, the Federal government will also pose penalties along with the claim case, including fines of up to $11,000 per claim. If you feel that you were taken advantage of under this law, it is in your best interest to hire a False Claims Act attorney in Chicago who can help you win your case.


Because such cases are tough to try and win, it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer who is qualified to represent this area of the law. It can be hard to face the government, especially if you’ve never done so before, but finding lawyers who have handled similar cases with success are the first place to start. They will stand up for you in court and help you present your case the right way so that you don’t face charges alone.


Governments handle issues and money differently than many businesses, so it’s a good idea to choose someone with years of experience with this area of legality.

You might require a False Claims Act attorney in Chicago if you had someone abuse the governmental system. Visit Zimmerman Law Offices today to learn more and request a consultation.

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