Hire a Real Estate Lawyer in Huntersville SC Before You Invest in Property

Buying a home can be complicated. Purchasing real estate can be even more complex if you are buying investment property. Whether you are new to the real estate business or you’ve owned investment property for a long time, consulting with an experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Huntersville NC prior to negotiating with the seller can ensure your rights are protected throughout the transaction.

You can expect your lawyer to review any agreements you plan to make with the seller and any proposals the seller makes before you enter into a contract. If you want to add concessions into the sales contract, your attorney may advise you of the best ways to do so to ensure the sale goes through. Your lawyer may also draft your contracts for you to be sure they are legally binding. Even after the contracts are written and signed, there’s a lot more your Real Estate Lawyer in Huntersville NC can do for you.

As you get closer to your closing date, your lawyer can review all of your financial documents before you sign them. If there is something in the packet you receive from your lender or closing agent that you don’t understand, be sure to ask your lawyer as soon as possible. In some cases, incorrect forms can result in significant costs to the buyers. It’s important that errors are corrected prior to the closing.

After the closing and before you market your investment property to potential tenants, it is vital that you have a legally binding lease. An attorney such as those from Lake Law Office, PLLC may look over your lease and advise you of any issues. In order to protect your rights as the property owner, the lease you present to your tenants and potential tenants for their signature must be enforceable. You’ll have a hard time evicting a tenant who doesn’t comply with your rules if the lease isn’t valid. If you ever need to evict one of your tenants due to nonpayment of rent or other violation, your lawyer may represent you in court against your tenant so you can regain use of the property and recover damages.

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