The Help You Can Get From Criminal Defense Lawyers in West Bend, WI

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Criminal defence law is a system of rules that accord protection, and give a chance of the fair trial to people that have been accused of committing a crime. Whether you are guilty of committing a crime or not, the law has given you the right to a fair trial. The start of a fair trial is always hiring competent criminal defence lawyers in West Bend, WI. Here are a few things that you ought to understand about criminal law and how it can help you have an easy time getting out of an intricate legal issue.

Criminal law provisions

There is a system of laws that govern the criminal trial process. These laws are known as the criminal process. Some of the laws that are part of this include the following:

1. When an arrest is made for an alleged crime, the defendant is supposed to be notified of the reason behind the arrest.

2. After the arrest, the defendant deserves being read for the Miranda rights.

3. If the defendant has not resisted arrest, the arresting officers are not allowed to use excessive force when arresting the defendant. They are also not allowed to abuse the defendant either verbally or physically.

4. The defendant is supposed to be assumed innocent, until the criminal procedure has run its course, and the person has been found guilty of the crime.

5. The defendant also deserves the right to be tried in front of a jury, provided they have not pleaded guilty to the crime that they have been arrested for.

Knowing one’s rights will make it easy to handle an arrest and avoid complicating your legal predicament.

Securing a release from jail pending trial

The first thing that everyone does after they have been arrested and jailed is trying to get bail. This is because working on a criminal defense from inside jail is inconvenient and also the defendant’s ability to work or engage in day-to-day activities is compromised.
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