Has Your Social Security Been Denied in Fort Worth TX?

When you become completely disabled and are no longer able to work, you have the right to file for Social Security Disability. Unfortunately, those who are qualified are often denied. Sometimes the denial is because of insufficient information and in other times there is no apparent reason. If you have had your Social Security denied in Fort Worth TX, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer to help you. A lawyer can help you to appeal and will keep working until you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

When you file for disability, the paperwork can be confusing. Many people are not fully sure of their rights and see a denial as being the end. Even if you are denied, you have the right to continue pursuing.

Your lawyer will meet with you and go over your health history. He or she will need to obtain your medical records for proof of your disability. This can be done by you signing a medical release.

It is imperative your application includes forms filled out by two different medical doctors. If you do not have this information, your application will be denied. Your lawyer will help you in filling out any paperwork and will guide you in making sure you have all of the forms needed.

If your social security denied Fort Worth TX, the lawyer can appeal your case. This allows you to go before a judge and have your lawyer submit evidence on your behalf. Your lawyer has the ability to appeal your case up the supreme court level, should it be needed.

Many people who are first denied are able to go on and get an approval on their benefits. When you hire a lawyer to help you, you are not required to pay any lawyer fees until you win your case.

Whether you have received a denial or are just starting on the journey to getting benefits, visit us. This will give you the information you need so you can get a lawyer’s help. This will give you the peace of mind in knowing your case is being properly handled.

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