What Happens If Your Claim For Social Security Benefits Is Denied?

Making an application for Social Security disability benefits can be horribly frustrating as well as confusing; it can take ages for the application to be approved. Do not be set back if your initial application is denied, you are in good company, as statistically the SSA rejects well over 60 percent of claim applications. Many people eventually are granted their benefits upon appeal but hiring a seasoned Social Security attorney in Southern California right at the beginning of the process can help ensure that you do not make one or more of the common errors which result in rejection.

Common reasons for denial of benefits:

Social Security Administration seems to have a never ending list of why they deny your benefit claim however, there are five or six which by far are the most common and by taking these into account your claim application will go smoother.

* Insufficient medical records: In all likelihood your claim will be denied if you do not provide all of your medical records. Although you may think you have complied with this stipulation do not be surprised if the SSA comes back with follow-up requests, they may even demand that you meet an agency doctor or take further tests. Be on the safe side; include every shred of medical evidence with your application including letters from the doctors, proof of hospital stays, etc.
* Doctor’s orders: If the SSA is of the belief that you did not follow your doctor’s orders or adhere to the treatment regimen you can expect to have your claim denied. Your Social Security attorney in Southern California will be the first to tell you that the SSA are more likely to approve your claim if you have made a sincere attempt to treat the condition.
* Not expected to be disabled long enough: If the SSA establishes that your condition will not last a full calendar year they are unlikely to grant your claim.
* Conviction of a crime: The SSA, under certain circumstances can deny a claim if the applicant has been convicted of a crime. If the disability is the result of something that happened during the commission of the crime there is no basis for approval. Also, the SSA does not pay disability benefits to those that are incarcerated.
* You make too much money: This is perhaps the most common reason why approval is not granted, the applicant simply makes more than the limit which is about $1,000 a month.

Statistically, applicants who use a Social Security attorney in Southern California have a far better chance of winning their claim as he or she can review the claim as well as responding to any appeals.


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