Guide For Winterizing Your Central Air Conditioning In Lakewood WA

As cold weather approaches, you won’t be running your central air conditioner for several months. After the hot weather is over, follow this guide for winterizing your air conditioning unit. If you don’t want to tackle this task yourself, call a company that specializes in Air Conditioning in Lakewood WA and a technician can winterize it for you.

By taking a little bit of time to winterize your central air conditioning unit, it will last longer and run better in the summer months. Winterizing your unit protects it from the rain, snow and freezing weather.

* Locate the electrical circuit box that controls your central air conditioning unit. Open the lid on the control box and turn the power to the off position. This will ensure that your unit won’t be turned on by accident and it also protects the electrical components of the unit.

* Use a broom to sweep off any dirt and debris that has collected on the top and sides of the unit. Sweep leaves, twigs and grass clippings off of the base and around the perimeter of your air conditioner. After using the broom, spray the unit with a water hose to thoroughly clean off all the tiny particles of dirt.

* Purchase insulated foam tubes to wrap around the pipes of the unit to keep them from freezing during the cold weather. After wrapping the tubes around the pipes, secure the insulated tubes with duct tape.

* Place a waterproof air conditioning cover over the top and sides of the unit and fasten the cover with straps or rope. This will keep rain, snow and ice from getting into the unit, which can cause the components to rust. If you need to purchase a cover, measure your unit first so that you’ll purchase the correct size that will completely cover the unit.

* During the winter weather and after high winds, inspect the cover on your air conditioner to make sure that it’s still in place.

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