Above Ground Tanks Are Key to Environmental Protection

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Business

Globalization has forever changed the health of the planet. We are still backtracking to catch up with the rapid growth and industrialization. Environmental health and safety (EHS) departments are now an essential part of keeping every town in America safe. These departments rely on above ground tanks to keep the soil and water safe. We all live within a delicate ecosystem that EHS professionals diligently work to maintain for you. Thankfully, the Environmental Protection Agency closely monitors private and corporate businesses such as utilities and manufacturers. It takes constant inspection, monitoring and testing to be sure these tanks are functioning properly. These containment systems are a key part of any business because they essentially protect the business from hefty environmental fines as well as protect the precious reputation of the business. Beyond that, the tanks ensure the safety of the local community as well as the staff.

Above Ground Tanks Protect Soil and Water

There are many types of above ground tanks that protect the soil and water. Some of these tanks store chemicals, fuel, storm water, potable water, sewage, earthen materials and slurries. Above ground tanks come in all shapes and sizes. You can find custom tanks that will fit your needs for indoor or outdoor use. You can get circular, square, rectangular and custom shaped tanks to accommodate the space you are working with.

Above Ground Storage Tanks Have Secondary Containment

Many above ground storage tanks require a secondary containment solution. This is to prevent soil and water damage in the event of a spill or leak. Above ground tanks can be rented, and in the case of emergency, even temporary tanks can be constructed to store liquids while repairs are made or new tanks are constructed.

Environmental Health and Safety Effects Everyone

Containment tanks are the barrier between toxic chemicals and the environment. We are all benefiting from these tanks whether we realize it or not. They protect storm water runoff, and they keep harmful chemicals from the water we swim in. Not all countries use the proper safety regimen, and there are many stories about people becoming contaminated by improper chemical management of large companies and utilities. With the global population growing at an ever increasing rate, all countries must adopt proper chemical storage procedures to ensure the safety of scarce natural resources. Less than 1% of water on the planet is fresh water and that water must be protected from corporations that do not follow appropriate safety protocol.

Modutank.com has many success stories as a storage tank company in operation since 1970. America has remediated many Superfund sites and brownfields, which the government has funded. This is largely due to rapid expansion of industrial businesses without awareness of how to protect the environment. This has led to much more stringent regulations because removing toxins from the water and soil, such as oil or other toxic chemicals, is extremely expensive and time consuming. Imagine if a playground had soil that was contaminated with lead or oil? This has happened, and the EPA works tirelessly to keep these situations from occurring. With proper storage tanks, covers, and containment systems, companies and utilities are able to ensure they are not polluting their town or putting their employees at risk during heavy storms or winds.

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