Great Ways to Recognize Volunteers

Do you have volunteers in your organization? Do you want to let them know that their efforts and time were appreciated? If so, then you should look into effective and creative ways to do just that. One option is to contact an awards trophies supplier to have custom awards created. Some other options to consider are highlighted here.

Share What they have Done

While this may sound basic, it is essential. When someone volunteers, they want to know that their effort is appreciated and makes a difference. Be open and communicate about the impact they have had. This will motivate them to continue providing quality services.

Throw an Exclusive Party for Your Volunteers

Use the payroll that you save by having volunteers to host a party just for the volunteers. Make sure to include entertainment, drinks and food. Also, don’t think about making it a potluck, pay for everything for the people who will be attending. You can even contact your awards trophies supplier to ensure you have trophies or medals to give the volunteers that night.

Choose a “Volunteer of the Year”

Arrange a competition among your volunteers and encourage them to do their absolute best. The winner of the competition should be awarded some type of price. While you can have your awards trophies supplier create a unique trophy, it is also a good idea to give some type of gift card or even cash to the winner, as well. They will appreciate the recognition and when you host the same contest next year, others will be encouraged to work harder to get the award.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways that you can show appreciation to volunteers who work hard for your organization. Don’t skimp, let them see how much their efforts are appreciated.

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