Going for Gorgeous? Go For Grey

Grey is an underrated neutral. Yes, grey has been trending on home improvement shows as a fresh new wall color, but otherwise the gray spectrum is ignored. However you spell it, grey is a gorgeous color. Grey is also a helper color in that it allows other colors around it to glow even brighter in its presence. When you combine grey with a stunning fabric like linen, you have a winning combination. For example, an elegant grey linen tablecloth suggests sophistication, style, and classic good taste.

Linen is a tricky fabric because of how difficult it can be to clean and care for, and to keep crease-free. However, a lot of the fear about linen is just hype. If you own an iron, taking the creases out of linen is a small price to pay for putting one of humanity’s most historic fabrics front and center on your dining room table. Overall, linen is no more difficult to clean or care for than any other fabric if you treat it well. Linen can last forever, retaining its characteristic texture and never losing the quality of the dye.

Unless you are a collector, do not want too many tablecloths. It’s best to simplify and go with grey. Grey is a great color for a linen tablecloth, easier on the eyes and less stark than white, while remaining neutral. Especially if your tableware is white, you will really appreciate what a grey linen tablecloth does to make those white plates pop.

When your guests sit down for their dinner, they will notice that your grey tablecloth is made of linen. A fabric that seems remarkably fancy for being so truly versatile, linen has the effect of impressing people. Linen is also a natural fiber, helping you to create an ecologically sensitive household that also has a superior design aesthetic.

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