Getting the Best Social Security Attorney Missouri

There are many reasons that a person may choose to apply for disability benefits. Most people complete an application of this nature because they are injured on the job or have had a life changing event. No matter the reason, they make the decision to obtain SSDI due to the fact that they can no longer work. Unfortunately, many claims are denied with little or no reason as to why this has occurred. They are then left with no way to pay their bills. Getting a social security attorney Missouri will enable the person to get approved quickly.

The Application Process

The application process for getting social security disability is very complicated. There are many steps that must be taken and there is a certain amount of time in which each step can be done. This is why you should get a social security missouri before applying. The first step is to file the initial application. The application can be submitted at the office of the social security administration, on the phone with a social security professional or online at your home or the local library. There are several different forms that must be filled out which includes a statement from your doctor.

Getting Denied

Most of the people who file a claim for social security disability will be denied. This is the reason that you should hire a social security attorney Missouri when filing a claim for disability. If the initial application is denied there are other steps that must be taken. Within sixty days of getting denied you can file a claim for a request for reconsideration. This happens when the agency looks over the claim once more. If you are denied again you will be able to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge within sixty days of the denial. The judge will hear your case and make a determination on your eligibility for benefits. If you are denied at this stage you can appeal the decision within sixty days of the denial. However, the appeals committee will almost always rule to uphold the decision of the judge.

Hiring A Lawyer

A social security attorney Missouri will know all the steps that must be taken to get a disability claim approved. They will assist you in filing the initial claim, process the request for reconsideration on your behalf and represent you at the hearing. The attorney will know how to get the claim approved so that you can begin to receive the disability benefits that you deserve. They have experience in this area of the law and will assist you in every step of the process. Hiring an attorney is the only way to get your disability application approved.

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