Getting Help from Auto Accident Lawyers in Hollywood, FL

In an auto accident, people are subject to getting hurt, sometimes even fatally wounded, and there are measures that can be pursued by the injured party who is not at fault. In order to pursue an accident claim, the injured party must be able to prove that he or she has a case, and this is usually done by hiring an attorney experienced in that type of law. There are Auto Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL who help clients pursue and get what they rightfully deserve in the manner of awarded damages. Here are some things the injured clients should understand about personal injury law in Florida.

Understanding How the Law Applies in Auto Accidents

When a person gets into an auto accident in Florida, he or she will have to file a claim on his or her own insurance company, as Florida is a no-fault state. The only way an injured party will be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit is if the injury is severe, such as permanent scars, loss of limbs or other bodily injuries. Then, the injured party must realize that the statute of limitations in the state is four years from the date of the accident and injury.

More on Auto Accident Law in Florida

If the injured party fails to meet the deadline of filing the accident in a Florida civil court, any opportunity for the case to be heard will be lost, and no damages will be able to be awarded. The injured party should understand also that Florida employs the pure comparative negligence rule, which means that any percentage the injured party is found at fault will be deducted from any damages awarded. It is wise to hire a competent attorney.

Where to Get Help

McCullough & Leboff, P.A. are attorneys who have been providing clients in the Hollywood, Florida and Davie, Florida areas legal solutions for many years. The lawyers focuses on helping clients with personal injury cases, such as slips and falls, industrial accidents and automobile accidents. If there are any who are looking for Auto Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL, the attorneys are available. Visit their website at and browse to where directed to “Click Here.”

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