Garage Canopies: Are They Worth It?

Have you been taking time debating whether to invest in a garage canopy? Many go back and forth about the issue so you are not along. It can be helpful to look at the pros and cons of garage canopies before buying.

The Pros

1. Extra Space.

Is your garage crowded? From fixer-upper cars to bicycles and more, a garage canopy will give you additional space.

2. Protect Vehicles from Elements.

A garage canopy would prevent the sun from fading the cars’ exterior over time and would shield our vehicles from rain, sleet, falling branches, bird poop, etc.

3. Prevent Damage.

You can start parking on the street when you choose a canopy. Street parking makes a car ten times more susceptible to accidental damage from a sideswipe or car robbery. A garage canopy would ensure the protection of any car.

4. Stop Worrying.

This one may seem a bit silly, but the issue of whether to invest in a canopy can take a lot of worry out of your life, especially when it comes to protecting your investment.

The Cons

1. Cost.

Do your research and you will see that garage canopies tend to range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the quality. For some families, they will need to make sure this device fits into their budget.

2. Visual Appeal.

Some people might also worry about the visual appeal of a canopy. This may be less of an issue for those who are able to install a canopy behind your house where it’s less visible, instead of on beside the house as we would do. However, you will find that there are countless styles of canopies, including some that fit the look of your home.

3. Risk of Collapse or Storm Damage.

Do you worry that a garage canopy could collapse suddenly or be blown over in a storm, causing significant damage to our vehicles and/or yard? Based on reviews, you don’t have to worry as they are very sturdy and usually prevent significant damage in storms rather than cause it.

In reviewing everything in writing, it seems that the pros outweigh the very minimal cons. Although canopies can be expensive, the wide variety of styles enables you to find one within your budget. It also enables you to find one that is visually appealing for your unique home. The extra space and protection from elements are invaluable benefits. Furthermore, garage canopies can also be used for boats, two wheelers, and riding lawn mowers.

Are you considering whether a garage canopy is what you need?

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