Frozen Snake Food Provides a Healthy, Balanced Diet

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Animal health

Whether you own a snake as a pet or you’re responsible for caring for snakes at a zoo or nature center, it’s vital that you ensure your slithery friend has a healthy diet. Snakes have unique needs when it comes to what they eat, so it’s up to you to ensure they have everything they need. By opting to purchase Frozen Snake Food, you can feel confident that they are getting the nutrition they require while creating a convenient feeding option for yourself. No hassle and no mess, just the prey your snake requires!

Plenty of Options
Every breed and size of snake will have different requirements when it comes to the type of prey they consume. Because of this, frozen snake food is available in a wide variety. From being able to choose from food like mice, rats and baby chicks, you’ll also have the option to select what size of prey you would like. Additionally, it’s easy to place an order of a variety of different prey types and sizes which is ideal for individuals like nature center employees or zoo keepers who may need to shop for a variety of snakes.

Required Nutrition
Frozen snake food is generally provided by companies that specialize in frozen prey and frozen prey alone. Because of this, you can feel confident that the frozen rats and/or mice that you’re purchasing have the nutritional value that your snake needs to live a long and happy life. Unlike pet stores, these “prey breeders” ensure that each rat, mouse or chick that you purchase was raised in a clean and healthy environment and fed a balanced and healthy diet. This can make a tremendous difference.

Freshness and Storage
Additionally, purchasing frozen food is beneficial for owners/keepers because it’s not only easy to distribute to the snake, it’s also easy to store. Thanks to the technology of vacuum sealing and packing, individual prey can be kept fresh for extended periods and won’t take up excessive space in the freezer. Simply remove a pack and slice open when it’s time to feed – it really is that simple!

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