Fragrance Mist vs. Incense

With so many home fragrance options

Fragrance Mist

Fragrance mist comes in a variety of forms and can be dispensed in multiple ways. Most mists come in either automatic dispensers, aerosol spray cans, or pump-based dispensers. Similarly, they can come in a variety of scents, from fresh, clean scents to flowery or fruity scents. Some mists are water-based and come in a pump sprayer. The water base ensures that the fragrance mist will not leave an oily residue on walls and furniture. The pump sprayer is better for the environment than an aerosol spray can and enables you to spray the mist exactly where you need it most. While fragrance mist does not provide an aroma as long-lasting as candles or incense sticks, it does have the benefit of leaving behind a faint smell that freshens but does not overwhelm a room.


Incense is another alternative aroma source to consider. The smell produced from burning incense sticks is more vibrant and lasts longer than fragrance mist and is a flame-based alternative to candles. Incense has been traditionally used in spiritual and religious ceremonies. In today’s society, incense is used for relaxation and aromatherapy as well as to add a rich, full scent to a space. After being lit, incense sticks and incense cones release pleasing fragrances into the air. Incense sticks are often used to encourage relaxation and help people focus. Some people even light incense sticks to help fight depression. A quality incense product will smell the same when it is lit and when it is not. Do not continue to buy products that smell differently once they are used.

Other Room Fragrance Options

If you’re looking for an alternative to both fragrance mist and incense, you might consider reed diffusers. Reed diffusers use thin reed sticks set in fragrance oil to diffuse an aroma throughout a space. They have the same quality smell as incense but do not require a flame to start.

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