Finding your Nairobi Home Away From Home

When going to Nairobi, choosing the right place to stay can be very important. You want to make sure that you’re someplace comfortable and centrally located. Furnished apartments in Nairobi can fit the bill and be a great choice whether you’re traveling for vacation or business, moving, or temporarily relocating.


Staying in a furnished apartment can have several advantages, especially with amenities. Apartments can have a significant amount of space to move around in or put things, like clothing. Furnished apartments may also come equipped with family-friendly furniture, appliances, dishes, dishwasher, and a washer and dryer. Items like walk-in closets, storage spaces, or intrusion alarms may also be included. These home-like amenities can help to make a stay in Nairobi pleasant and comfortable.

Some apartment complexes may even come with restaurants, business centers, or fitness centers. This can make a Nairobi stay even easier and more enjoyable. The exact amenities will vary depending on the kind of place you’re renting, but you can shop around until you find the place that meets your needs and feels like home.


When you rent furnished apartments in Nairobi, you’re renting all the furniture and amenities too. This means that the cost may be higher than a hotel or unfurnished apartment. But this can be worth it if you want space and amenities, or if you don’t want to furnish you own place and still want the comforts of home.


Just because you have a kitchen doesn’t mean you always want to cook or stay indoors. You want to look for an apartment in a good location. This can mean being close to major attractions or within walking distance of shopping, dining, and entertainment. With a little research, you should be able to find a furnished apartment in your location of choice.

Nelson’s Court Serviced apartments in Nairobi can have many amenities to make your stay comfortable. The cost may be higher, but this can be offset by a great location and enjoyable, home-like experience.

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