Finding Professional Monument Services and Sand Blasting in CT

Monuments are often needed for funeral and memorial services. When a loved one or friend passes away, it is common for family members to want a customized monument or headstone that reminds them of the one they have lost. These monuments come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to suit individual preferences and needs. Professional services of this type are available to assist people with finding and choosing the right memorial or headstone.

Monument services often handle cemetery lettering, the sizes and contours of memorials, all sorts of custom emblems, as well as special carving and colors for headstones. These professionals have special tools for creating monuments. Sand blasting is a technique that is used to create the letters, numbers, and designs in headstones. This process involves removing the shiny stone exterior, in order to create grooves in the monument. These grooves can vary in depth and width to suit different needs. It is not difficult to find professional Sand Blasting in CT and other major cities in the United States.

Most monument services provide a gallery of headstones and memorials they have done on site or online. This way customers can look at these examples in order to get a better idea of what is needed. While some monuments are simple square or rectangular stones, others are more unique and detailed. Some have symbols, figures, hearts, crosses, and entire scenes. Naturally the size and difficulty of the headstone will have an impact on the cost, as well as the time it takes to complete.

In order to learn more about monument services, Sand Blasting in CT, and grave markers, it is helpful to take a look at a few different websites, such as Shelley Brothers Monuments. This is a simple way to gain a better understanding of stone color possibilities, cemetery lettering, monument sizes, and how long it takes to complete a custom memorial. Contact email addresses and phone numbers are generally provided on these service websites, which allows customers to contact the service for more information. Hours of operation should also be located on the main website.

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