Finding Cubs Home Game Tickets in Chicago

Game day is a big deal for fans, and when it comes to finding Cubs Home Game tickets in Chicago, there is no better choice for a unique experience than to book the venue at Wrigley View Rooftop. From this unique vantage point, you can enjoy a game like never before and enjoy some other great benefits too:

All-Inclusive… When you buy your tickets for the rooftop venue, you get everything included- no hidden fees and taxes are included- so you know exactly how much your event is going to cost.

No lines … With a full access buffet of the best game-day food and drinks as well as full access to a designated, expansive restroom area, waiting in long lines will be a thing of the past!

Privacy… The venue on the rooftop is designed for larger groups of up to 200 people, but smaller groups up to 40 can be easily catered to also for your smaller more private events with friends and family.

Details… Allow the dedicated event staff to take care of the planning and details of your event so you can enjoy the game and spend time with your attendees rather than fretting over every little detail of the day.

Experience… Wrigley View Rooftop employs experienced event planners, caterers, tech experts, and staff to make sure your event is the best that it can be!

Location, location, location… Wrigley View Rooftop can be found along the left field ivy on Waveland Avenue and provides an unobstructed view of the field and all of the action without the crowds of the general seating area.

To get the best Cubs Home Game tickets in Chicago, consider thinking outside the box and enjoy a game from the unique vantage point of the field rooftop! You will never look at game day the same way again!

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