FAQs That An Injury Lawyer In Grand Rapids, MI

In Michigan, personal injury claims require the victim to follow specific guidelines based on the type of injury claim that is filed. These guidelines define any restrictions or limitations that could apply to the case, and they determine if any caps are placed on the total award extended to the victim. An Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI can answer frequently asked questions for victims.

What is the Statute of Limitations in Michigan?

The statute of limitations for injury claims is three years in the state of Michigan, and all legal claims that aren’t filed before the deadline won’t go to court. The victim forfeits their rights to file a claim against the defendant if they fail to file before the third anniversary of their accident. However, any claim that is against a government official must be filed within six months of the accident.

What Medical Evidence is Needed for a Medical Malpractice?

The victim’s complete medical records associated with the treatment they received from the defendant, and this will include the results of any tests that were conducted before or after the patient was treated. The records must show how the error occurred and why.

When are Dog Owners Not Responsible for Attack Injuries?

The owner is not responsible for a dog attack if the victim is at fault for their injuries, and any victim that breaks the law can be deemed liable for their own injuries. The most common laws associated with these attacks are trespassing and animal cruelty; however, if the victim lets the dog out of an enclosure without permission, they can be held accountable.

Are Store Owners Responsible for Pedestrian Accidents in Their Parking Lot?

The store owner isn’t responsible for pedestrian accidents that are caused by auto drivers in the parking lot. However, if the owner doesn’t maintain the parking lot and a pedestrian sustains a slip and fall injury, they are liable.

In Michigan, personal injury claims are filed according to local laws that apply to these cases, and an attorney provides assistance with these guidelines. Victims who need to file a claim with an Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI contact Bleakley Law Offices P C right now.

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