Evaluating An NYC Personal Training Institute

Finding the ideal job is a goal for most people in NYC and with an increasing number of private training options for non-degree programs, choosing the right type of training school can be a challenge.

For those moving into the area of personal training, it will be critical to choose a personal training institute that can provide the technical and educational training needed as well as a real-world, hands-on approach to learning how to work with clients.

NASM Programs and Certification

There are a lot of challenges to becoming a personal trainer, starting with choosing a personal training institute that offers a recognized certification program. The best choice to consider is NASM certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This is considered the top program across the country, with locally approved institutes offering the curriculum to prepare students for the exam to obtain certification.

There are other certification programs to consider, but they are not as well recognized nor as comprehensive. By choosing a school offering this curriculum, students will be well prepared for working with clients after successful completion of the program.

Curriculum and Schedule

The best personal training institute will work with your needs. The training will be standard with regards to hours based on the certification but will offer flexible class times for NYC students. With top programs, there will be 300 hours consisting of academic and practical training. This includes practical training on how to run a personal trainer business, how to market your services and how to provide the support needed for clients.

Make sure the program offers state-of-the-art facilities, experienced and recognized training staff as well as the NASM certification or any other specific certification you may require. While it may be tempting to consider online training, consider the challenges it will pose to you starting out on your career without the experience and real-world practice that is only possible through in-person training.

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