Essential Spa Services at Hair Salons in Provo UT

With a lack of humidity and extreme temperatures in summer and winter months, residents in Provo, UT must protect their skin and hair from the environment’s damaging effects. Perhaps the most concerning element of living in Provo is the relatively low humidity. While low-to-no humidity levels hinder the oppressive heat of summer from bogging vacationers and residents down with heavy heat, the lack of air moisture increases dry, damaged skin and hair. While natural remedies help retain moisture and a youthful appearance, professional spa and salon services safeguard against dry weather.

As the skin and hair become dry, its vitality and youthful appearance begin to dim. In order to protect its integrity and beauty, skincare and salon services, such as Microdermabrasion and hydrating chemical peels gently remove dead skin cells while promoting natural hydration and skin restoration. While not all Hair Salon Provo UT offer the necessary services to restore damaged skin and hair, salons that mix cosmetic detailing with clinical care offer the greatest beauty solutions.

The professionals at Seasons Salon and Day Spa recommend attacking skin and hair through a multi-phase process. The first step involves treating and restoring skin vitality. This is accomplished by eradicating dead skin cells and other debris that clogs pores and increases the “worn down” appearance of skin. Generally, this process is accomplished through a series of Microdermabrasion treatments, which exfoliate pores and promotes healthy skin oil levels.

Due to the lack of humidity in Provo, harmful UV effects are far more prevalent than in areas that see high humidity, such as in the Southeastern United States. To restore skin hydration while simultaneously eliminating hyper pigmentation, age spots and pre-mature wrinkling caused by dry skin, a hydrating chemical peel is recommended. This treatment option eliminates dead and damaged skin cells while introducing high levels of hydration. Think of it as re-filling a water balloon after its lost too much liquid.

Lastly, it’s essential to utilize Hair Salons Provo UT that specialize in deep hair conditioning techniques. Dry, brittle hair not only diminishes its vitality and sheen, but may also contribute to an above-average loss of hair follicles. Prevent damage caused by dry environments with deep conditioning treatments customized based upon hair type. When combined with a thoughtfully designed hair cut, which eliminates split ends and damaged hair strands, hair retains its moisture for beauty and strength. View website for more details.



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