Ensure Your Pipes Flow Freely With Expert Plumbing in Seattle WA

There are few things worse than leaking Plumbing in Seattle WA. A leak in your pipes can cause a lot of damage and many problems aren’t found before they ruin structural components. In fact, some leaks aren’t even discovered until the homeowner notices an increase of usage in the utility bill. In these cases the water is probably going into the yard or under the home. The problem with these types of leaks is the damage they can do to the foundation of your building. There are two ways to fix a foundation leak. You can either bypass the pipe or replace it. Bypassing the pipe requires routing new pipe around the problem while replacing the pipe usually requires cutting the floor to remove the old pipe.

Of course, not all Plumbing in Seattle WA problems are leaks. Clogged sewer pipes or blocked drains are some of the most common reasons that people call for a plumber. A block in the drains could be as simple as a clog in the pipe traps. These are the S or U shaped pipes that are close to the drain. Their purpose is to trap sewer gases in the pipes and prevent them from entering the home. Unfortunately, the design can also catch food and other debris which results in clogs.

More severe clogs occur in the sewer pipes. Your sewer is a slow moving system with only the force of gravity to keep it flowing. This can result in solid waste accumulating in some of the worst places, the various angles and connections that connect the pieces of pipe together. It can be difficult to locate these problems so the plumber may decide to check the pipes using a video system first. The video snake is a flexible cable with a camera connected to it. It is designed to make it easy for the camera to maneuver around the angles of the pipe. If the sewer lines are extremely dirty, the plumber may suggest that you have the pipes cleaned. This is done using a high pressure washer system much like the one used to clean cars. Cleaning your sewer pipes could avoid many future problems.

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