End Time Bible Verses

So much talk about the end times. Do you remember the year 2000? So many people thought that it was over? How could the computers handle changing four digits at once? Here we are, nearly fifteen years later, still wondering when the end will be. There are end time Bible verses that give clues about the end, but they are not given to make people afraid. The signs of the times are prevalent.

Two Things Are True

1. Perilous Times (2 Timothy 3:1-5): Timothy talks about dangerous times coming. He talks about the nature of men changing such that they are no longer concerned about others, but about being lovers of themselves. This includes things from being too proud or high minded to being disrespectful to ones parents. He talks about people not keeping their word and being false accusers. These end time Bible verses point out that people will begin to hate those that are good and will love things that give pleasure over their creator God. Look around, this is true.

2. Some will depart from the faith (1 Timothy 4:1 AMP): This verse talks about people departing from the faith or the truth in the Bible and giving more attention to seducing doctrines. It seems easy for people to become swayed by every change of doctrine that is whispered in their ears. They no longer search out the truth of a matter for themselves. It is obvious that some things have been forgotten.

Two Things Are Forgotten

1. The Declaration of Independence: This is the foundation on which our country is built. The Declaration brings the thoughts of the American mind and experience together in politics, philosophy and in theology. It is said to be a secular document but carries with it God as its authority. From the archives of history, as stated in the Heritage Foundation, God is mentioned in three areas: 1) as legislator, which is the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, 2) as Creator or executive and 3) as Supreme Judge of the world as the guardian having divine Providence. The Declaration is the first law of the United States and it has laid a foundation that should not be shaken.

2. The Love of God: Just as some have forgotten the principles on which this country was built, there is even more that has been forgotten in just how much the God of the Declaration of Independence loves them. But let me assure you, God still loves you and nothing can separate you from His love (Romans 8:31-39).

Yes, there are many end time Bible verses that tell of the end of this age, but remember these two things, there will be wars and rumors of wars but the end is not yet (Mathew 24:6) and that no one knows when that day or hour will be, not man, not angels, not Jesus, only God knows (Mark 13:32) and He is a God of love.

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