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by | Dec 23, 2014 | Search Engine Optimization

An important part of marketing your business online is an effective ad campaign. The goal of any ad campaign is to drive traffic to your business’s website. Most people in the world today have computers and internet in their homes. Most of the time, people like to do their research online before they ever set foot in a brick and mortar store. Having a website that can attract customers is more important now than ever. Even more so in Northern California. There are many companies that offer services to help business owners with designing websites and advertising in Rohnert Park, and the Santa Rosa area. Once you have a nice website and an effective ad campaign, you will be able to draw a lot more customers to your business using the internet.

Is My Current Campaign Working?

Many business owners are not sure if their ad campaigns are working or not. You may already be paying to advertise your website, but do you know what effect it is having? There are different tools you can use to analyze and track traffic coming to your website. These can help you determine if your ads are working well or not. Another idea to determine if your ads are bringing in customers might be a short survey or questionnaire. The customers themselves can tell you how they found your website. Maybe to get more people to participate you could offer a promotion for completing the questionnaire.

Are You Reaching Your Target Audience?

The most important thing about an ad campaign is the people who are going to see it. Make sure your ads are reaching people who would be interested in what you have to offer. If the ads people see are not relevant to their interests, then they will most likely just ignore them. Another important thing to consider is the way your ads are designed. Certain demographics will respond better to different forms of communication. Keep in mind who it is you are trying to reach with your ads, and try to speak to them on their level.

Don’t Go Overboard

People usually do not respond well to a hard sell. It is best not to make your ads too busy or too intrusive. Pop-up ads and overlay ads are not the best idea. Another thing that people find intrusive is ads that play sound. Ads like those will turn people off quickly. Pictures are okay, and can improve an ad campaign a lot. Just make sure they are not too intrusive.

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