What is an E-Cigarette Atomizer and How Does it Work?

If a person has never heard of an e-cigarette atomizer, they might hear the word “atomizer” and wonder if it’s something out of a science fiction novel! The truth is simple: an atomizer is the small cone-like piece of the electronic cigarette which heats up the liquid or oil to be turned into vapor. There are a few kinds and each one attaches to the unit in a different way. Once a user knows how this part works, it is very easy to decide which kind is preferable for a personal unit, how it will attach, how to clean it, and when it should be replaced.

Varieties of Atomizers

Almost every e-cigarette atomizer looks relatively the same but they are not all attached to the battery or maintained in the same way. Proper usage will prolong the life of each atomizer and bring out the flavor of the liquid or oil being vaporized.

* Always use an e-cig atomizer that is designated for the specific unit to which it should attach. Mixing and matching could cause the unit to malfunction and can even lead to serious injury. The atomizer is meant to attach to a certain connector and work with the battery. A battery or connector not meant for the atomizer being used might cause it to get too hot and burn out too quickly or worse.

* Some atomizers are attached to the cartomizer and the user doesn’t have to clean it, use a connector to attach it to the battery or prime (add a couple of drops directly to a new atomizer) the part before using. The atomizer is included in the cartomizer unit and simply screws onto the battery in all one piece.

* Atomizers can be large or small, depending on the type of unit with which they are being used. As long as the atomizer is the correct corresponding part to the unit it matches, there is no reason to worry about its size or if such a thing will affect the vaping experience.

Cleaning and Replacing an Atomizer

Any e-cigarette atomizer can be cleaned easily by rinsing it under some hot water and nothing else. Do not use soap! Once the atomizer is cleaned, place it on a clean paper towel to dry and don’t reattach it to the unit until it is completely dry.

Replacing an atomizer is also easy and requires only unscrewing the old atomizer, putting on a new one, and priming it with a few drops of liquid or oil. It’s not a good idea to put a dry atomizer with no oil into an e-cigarette unit because the flavor will be off and it will take a few puffs for that atomizer to draw in oil and the vapor production to be ideal. A user will know when to replace an atomizer either by time (usually about 1-2 weeks) or by the flavor which will diminish as the part burns out.

Find the Best Atomizer for a Preferred Unit

Deciding which kind of atomizer to use might be a bit confusing, especially for those new to vaping. Medepen offers several affordable options that are easy to use and all are quality parts for the preferred products on. Find out more today!

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