Dos and Don’ts in Fleet Washing Services

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Business

With a number of fleet washing in Dallas TX companies that are claiming to offer the best in fleet washing services, clients often get confused as to who they should choose. It is very challenging on their part to make the right decision because truck vehicles are a company asset. To get that asset broken or even the slightest damage because the service done was of poor quality is an added expense. For companies who are just starting, such expense is a headache.

For your company to make the right decision in Choosing Fleet Washing Services in Dallas TX area that offer excellent work, here are some guidelines on what you should go for and what you should avoid.

*   Do your research and ask for referrals regarding their experiences with their fleet washing in Dallas TX service. Their feedback will give you an idea of who can give better services for your truck vehicles.

*   Do your own survey. Make sure that you find time to visit these washing services and check whether they have the right equipment and are using supplies or products that have passed the EPA guidelines.

*   Do set up a meeting with the manager or the owner and ask what services they offer, what are their rates and ask for a quotation, years of experience in fleet washing in Dallas TX services and the like. Once you have the quotation, compare their rates to your other shortlisted companies and on your next meeting, you can ask them what makes them different from other companies. If you are satisfied with their answer, then go for it.

*   Do not make a hasty decision. Always be objective while going through the data you have gathered. Remember, it does not mean that just because you are being referred to a washing service, they can guarantee quality work. What might work for them might not work for you. Hence, it is important that you are thorough during the meeting and do not hesitate to ask questions no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

*   Do not be deceived by washing companies that offer a lot of freebies that borders on the impossible. The fact that they keep on offering discounts or freebies means that they do not have a lot of clients. For a newly opened company that is understandable as that is a good marketing plan to attract clients. But, for a company who is operating for more than a year or two, then something is definitely wrong. Remember, if a client is satisfied with the services offered, they always come back to that company. The rates do not even matter.

*   Do not choose washing companies that do not have the license to operate. If during the service an accident occurred and your truck gets damaged, you won’t be able to ask for compensation as they are not legally allowed to perform such a job.

For 35 years, Clean-Tex Truck Washing had been in this kind of business and has managed to keep that quality service. They know and understand the needs of their clients. Thus, making them the number one fleet washing in Dallas TX provider. Contact them at for further inquiries. Rest assured that you will never regret your decision in choosing them as your partner in keeping your vehicles clean.

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