Dishes You Need to Try for Your First Asian Dining in Los Angeles

Everyone loves to eat. Even if you are the most picky person in the world, usually you won’t turn down the chance to eat something new and different. After all, discovering new cuisine is fun! If you are an avid foodie, love Asian cuisine or are looking for the next place to eat a delicious meal, here are some great dishes that are a must when traveling through Los Angeles.

Vietnamese Cuisine: Pho

Now, usually you wouldn’t think to eat soup for breakfast. But for many Vietnamese families, pho, or meat-based soup with slices of poultry, vegetables, spices and oftentimes noodles is eaten in the morning. Granted, it is also eaten any other time of day -; but with a healthy portion of rice, pho is the way to go. If wandering the streets of Los Angeles in the morning and are looking for a cultural experience, get some pho and start your day out with open eyes!

Thai Cuisine: Pad Thai

If you are looking for Asian Dining in Los Angeles, there is an assortment of thai restaurants to choose from, most if not all serve traditional pad thai. Pad thai is a rice noodle dish that comes with your choice of meat (but usually shrimp) and vegetables in a sweet peanut sauce -; sort of like an Asian pasta. It is a thai classic and certain to satisfy your tastebuds!

Japanese Cuisine: Mochi

If you are looking for dessert when Asian Dining in Los Angeles, mochi is a Japanese classic that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Mochi is a sweet rice cake that is typically filled with an assortment of flavors, from sesame and taro to something as extraordinary as dark chocolate caramel truffle. It goes great with ice cream, can serve as a form of ice cream or can be eaten plain at room temperature. It’s a Japanese classic that every restaurant makes differently, so you’re sure to have a wonderful experience each time you indulge.

Eating something new can always mean good things for your stomach. Not only does it expose you to new flavors, but to new cultures as well. Next time you are in Los Angeles, be sure to try these must-have Asian dishes. You can also get more info here.





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