Differences Between Air Freight Shipping and Ocean Freight

Delivering items within the same country isn’t usually considered a big problem for most businesses and individuals, but if you require delivery from one country or continent to another, then you have a few more things to consider. The main delivery options for international shipping include ocean and air freight. Many couriers will select the most appropriate option for you, but it is important to know the differences between both and why each is chosen.

Pros/Cons of Ocean Freight

Two main positives of ocean freight shipping are the cost and capacities. It is actually less expensive to ship by sea than by air and why many companies and couriers select this option. A ship is a large vessel and can handle a lot of different cargo, meaning yours isn’t the only parcels being sent across the ocean. This also saves a lot of money, because the cost of transporting the items is shared by all those with packages on the boat.

Because a ship is large and doesn’t need to focus so much on the weight of the cargo and ship, it can handle extremely heavy or bulky items, such as machinery, cars and more.

Two problems found with sea cargo is that they are unreliable and slow. Because weather conditions will affect a ship easier than an airplane, products and items can be delayed more easily, causing problems with customers and stock.

Speed is another problem because ships are so much slower than an aircraft, even with more advanced technologies. Planes can usually have goods available for delivery within hours or days while ships can take up to a month and sometimes more.

Pros/Cons of Air Shipping

The two main benefits of using air freight shipping are speed and safety. Airplanes can cover vast distances within days instead of months, which allows your products to go anywhere in the world in just a few days.

While airplanes can crash and cargo can be mishandled, this infrequently happens with air shipping. Strict rules are in place for the handling of goods, which always makes safety easier. Food and medication are also frequently shipped, which means that freshness is key.

Two potential problems from air shipping include cost and capacity. You will definitely pay more for the safety and speed of delivery of your products. Because airplanes must have a balanced weight, it can be difficult to ship heavy or bulky items.

Air freight shipping is usually the preferred choice by many, though it never hurts to understand your options. Choose Fastway Worldwide Express India for your needs.

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