Denture Fractures and Your Emergency Dentist in Villas

Some teeth with cracks cannot be saved. But, when a tooth with fractures starts to hurt, you’ll feel a slight pain when chewing on something hard or tough. The tooth may also hurt when you drink or eat something cold. It may take weeks or months between trigger points because you will inevitably “bypass” the bad tooth. It will often be difficult for you to identify which tooth is fractured. It may take visiting your local Emergency Dentist in Villas to figure out which took is damaged.

How can the dentist treat a fracture?

Once the dentist has located the crack, it’s about getting the tooth stabilized so the crack does not worsen. If there is a small filling in the tooth, the Emergency Dentist At Cape May Family Dental may try to glue it together with a composite filling, so the weak part of the tooth is not a burden. Cracks in a molar where previously there has been a smaller charge is glued together with a composite filling. If there is a large filling in the tooth or the tooth is heavily burdened by chewing, it is necessary to put something around the tooth to hold it together. This is best done with a crown of made of gold or porcelain. If there tooth nerve has been damaged, the tooth must be managed properly. In some cases, the crack is sometimes awkwardly placed, the tooth splits lengthwise, maybe even in the middle of treatment, and there is only one thing to do: pull the tooth out.

What you can do to prevent cracks in the teeth?

Only and foremost, do not get cavities because cracks in untreated teeth are seen very rarely. Good oral hygiene will also help old fillings last longer. Replacing fillings should be done as infrequently as possible because a bit of tooth disappears every time a filling is replaced. If you have very large fillings in your molars, it might be a good idea to have them repaired with a stronger material than silver by your local Teeth Whitening Dentist. If you already have one tooth with a crack, you are often prone to other cracks in the other teeth. For more information, contact your local emergency dentist in Villas today.

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