The Dangers of Flood Cleanup in Monterey, CA

Flood waters are ranked among the top for the amount of destruction they can bring. But cleanup of these flood waters can be inherently dangerous. The water often brings in nasty little surprises with it. Thus, it can be a hazardous job that you may want to leave to the professionals.

One of the dangers of flood cleanup in Monterey CA is snakes and reptiles. As the flood waters rise, these creatures come in with that water. Once the flood recedes, they are often left behind. They make new homes in the piled up debris left behind by the flood. Since these animals are very protective of their new homes, they will strike to defend it. Thus, extra care has to be taken with watching out for these pests.

Another danger is dealing with all the sharp objects that are lying around. Broken glass and jagged edges of metal can easily cause unexpected injuries. This damage is often caused when the water picks items up and smashes them into things. Any cuts from sharp edges will need immediate medical attention due to the other hazards that the water brings with it. This is why protective gear is needed for cleanup projects after a flood.

Mold is another lurking danger of Flood Cleanup in Monterey CA. Mold populations can explode overnight due to all of that moisture in the air. Because mold is such a vicious invader, it can cover things in a manner of a few days. This is why it is so important that items are thoroughly dried before they are put back in a space. This includes carpet, upholstery and wood items. Since mold growth can begin from day one after the flood, items have to be dried as quickly and as thoroughly as possible to prevent this hazard from taking over.

This is some of the inherent dangers of cleaning up after a flood. While it is tempting to do much of the cleanup yourself, these dangers are lurking to catch you in an unguarded moment. So, it pays to hire the professionals to deal with the overall mess.

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