Considering Different Ideas for Retaining Walls in the Quad Cities Area

Retaining walls offer practical benefits as well as creating focal points in residential landscaping. The question is how to configure the wall and what type of materials to use. Here are several suggestions for Retaining Walls in Quad Cities that are worth considering. BrickBrick is certainly a viable option when it comes to Retaining Walls in Quad Cities. This is especially true when the home happens to sport exterior brick walls. When possible, match the color of the bricks used for the retaining wall with those used for the home. Doing so will help create a more unified look for the property, and also provide the illusion that the retaining wall has been there just as long as the home.


Another excellent option for a retaining wall is the use of concrete. Specifically, a series of interlocking concrete blocks will make it possible to create all sorts of visually appealing wall designs. Once in place, the concrete will wear very well over the years, and ensure that the practical benefits of the structure endure over the long term.


The use of natural stone in the creation of a retaining wall helps to introduce another natural element to the landscape. Choosing to go with stones that are common to the area helps to heighten this impression. Consider coming up with an intricate design that includes stones of different sizes and colors. The result will be very attractive and help to enhance the other elements of the landscape.


Timber can also be used to build attractive and practical retaining walls. The wood should be treated to help slow the process of deterioration. Sealing the wood will also help retain the desired appearance. This approach can work especially well when the home design uses clapboard and similar materials for the exterior.

For homeowners who are considering the addition of a retaining wall to the front or back yard, Click Here and learn more about how different materials work in various settings. After seeing some examples and learning more about how each type of retaining wall is constructed, it will be much easier to choose the design and the material that is the best fit.

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