Common Questions about a Service Offering a Bail Bond in Clayton County

If you, or someone you know is arrested, then you could likely benefit from the services of a Bail Bond in Clayton County. However, before you call, you may have some questions. Some of the most common questions associated with bail bonds are highlighted here.

What exactly is bail?

Bail is considered a constitutional right in the United States that will allow a defendant to leave custody, while ensuring they appear at the necessary court dates. When a person is arrested there are certain things that will occur:

*      The arrest is made

*      The judge will set the total amount of bail for the person

*      They will attend an arraignment

*      The bail bond will be posted

*      The person will be released from police custody

*      The person has to appear in court

How is the bail amount determined?

The judge will determine a person’s bail based on a number of different factors including the risk of the person to run, the seriousness of the charges against them, their ties in the community and their criminal history.

Why should you opt for a bail bond?

There are a number of professionals who are in the judicial system that agree that when a defendant does not remain in the custody of the police, they will have a better end result to their case. Additionally, after a Bail Bond in Clayton County has been posted, the defendant will be able to obtain proper legal representation, keep their job and provide for the family while awaiting their court date.

Keep in mind if you are posting bail for someone, you need to ensure that they are not going to run. If they fail to show up for your court dates then you will be responsible for their full bail amount, which can be a huge financial burden.

For more information about bail bonds, visit Free At Last Bail Bonds. Here you will find all of the information necessary to help you understand the bail process and while it is so beneficial. This information will provide you with what you need to know if you, or someone you know, is ever incarcerated and need a bail bond.

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