Common Questions and Answers About Chimney Cleaning In Carroll County MD

As fall approaches and the mornings and nights are cooler, you’ll want to start building a fire in your wood stove or fireplace soon. Before you build the first fire, it’s essential that you contact a company that does Chimney Cleaning in Carroll County MD. A dirty or plugged up chimney is hazardous and this can start a fire in your home. Below are some common questions and answers that homeowners ask about chimney cleaning.

Q.) What is creosote and why is it bad in my chimney?

A.) When the fire in your stove or fireplace doesn’t get enough air and the wood doesn’t completely burn, this creates an abundance of smoke. This smoke releases tar vapors, called creosote, that stick to the inside of your chimney. Creosote comes in many forms, from black soot to a hardened substance. Once the creosote hardens to the sides of your chimney, it’s more difficult to remove. This substance is very flammable and if too much of it builds up in your chimney, it can cause a fire.

Q.) How often should I hire a professional to inspect and clean my chimney?

A.) It’s recommended that you have a Chimney Cleaning in Carroll County MD when the buildup on your chimney walls becomes 1/8 inch thick. Even if you don’t use your fireplace or wood stove very often, you should have a professional inspect it at the minimum of once a year. It’s not uncommon for small animals and birds to crawl inside of a chimney and build a nest. When this happens, a professional should clean out the nest material and animal droppings before you start a fire. While performing a yearly cleaning, a chimney sweep can also address and repair any problems with your chimney.

Q.) Is it necessary to get a chimney inspection every year?

A.) Yes, a yearly inspection will identify any possible dangers with your chimney that could cause a fire. An inspector will examine the flue liner, check for creosote buildup, look at the chimney cap and inspect the bricks and mortar for signs of damage.

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps is a licensed, bonded and insured company that specializes in chimney inspection, cleaning and repair.

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