The Most Common Issues That Require Furnace Service In Allendale MI

No matter how well maintained a furnace may be, there will be times when issues arise and require the expertise of an HVAC professional to remedy them. A broken furnace can quickly cause a home to become uncomfortable during cold winter weather and leave a family without the heat they need to remain comfortable and combat the wrath of mother nature. While many issues can require furnace service in Allendale MI, the following are the most common and should be repaired by a knowledgeable professional.

Furnace Burner Malfunction

A furnace uses a burner system to light fuel and produces the heat needed to keep a space comfortable. Over time, the burner of a furnace will degrade, and cause the system to fail to operate reliably and consistently. Most fuel burners require replacement, which is a job that should only be tackled by an experienced HVAC professional, as improper installation can lead to safety issues and the need for future repairs.

Dirty Or Contaminated System

Air and other contaminants can quickly build up on the inside of a furnace, and while air filters help reduce dust and debris from entering a system, they are not 100 percent reliable. A technician can use a high powered vacuum cleaning system to remove dust and debris from the interior of a furnace and have it working like new. Cleaning a furnace can also help reduce odors and increase the efficiency of the furnace during operation.

Air Handler Issues

A furnace uses a fan to move air over the heating panel and then distribute it throughout a home. While most will operate for years, they can break down and require repair. Most Furnace Service in Allendale MI revolving around a fan is due to a worn out bearing or a motor that is no longer functioning. These items will need to be replaced, as the furnace will likely not be safe to operate until the operation of the fan has been restored.

Don’t let furnace problems lead to discomfort and compromise the safety a home or those who live there. Kroll Furnace Co Inc. can help by diagnosing and repairing any furnace issues, which will restore operation so a home can be comfortable all year long. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a repair appointment.

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