Commercial Fire Alarm Services in Jersey City Protect Workers and Property

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Security

Commercial fire alarms play an important role in keeping businesses and those near them safe. They alert the fire department that there is a problem, help them fight the fire and sometimes even put the fire out. Fires don’t only start during business hours. Therefore it’s important that Commercial fire alarm services in Jersey City monitor the premises around the clock. Technicians keep watch with the latest equipment. If they see a fire, they are trained to properly notify the local fire department. Businesses are often located in large industrial buildings. Fire alarms are built with zones to tell the fire department where the emergency is located within the building. There are also fire boxes that employees can easily use to report a fire. In an emergency people may panic. Having fire boxes, ensures they know what to do.

Flammable and toxic materials are used in many manufacturing processes. When they are heated they can create poisonous gases. It’s important for the fire department to know where these are stored in the building. Often local fire codes require business owners to provide a list of theses materials to the fire department. They must also describe where and how they are stored in the building. This helps the fire department know how to effectively fight the fire.

Commercial fire alarm services in Jersey City are often connected to sprinklers. These can turn on automatically after the fire alarm is triggered or they can be activated by the technician. Surveillance cameras allow the technician to confirm there is a fire, before turning on the sprinklers. This can prevent unnecessary water damage. Some chemical fires require foam and other materials. The sprinkler system can dispense those as well.

Fire doors and walls within a building can keep a fire from spreading. This allows the sprinkler system and fire department to quickly stop a fire. It also minimizes damage and gives employees time to get to safety. The technicians who are monitoring the situation can help people stay calm and find the safest route out of the building. Business owners who are interested in this type of system can Visit the website of Effective Alarm Systems to learn more.

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