Choosing From the Selection Of Designer Rings in Colorado Springs

Ring shopping can be overwhelming when you have not yet decided exactly what you want. The selection of designer rings in Colorado Springs can seem endless. What may help you choose, especially when you are buying for someone other than yourself, is knowing what styles and trends are popular today. Here are a few ideas for you to consider before you go to the jewelry store.

If engagement rings are what you are looking for, look beyond the traditional diamond. Colored gems of all types are becoming more popular, as are a combination of diamonds with other stones. When you select the band, consider platinum over gold. The white tones of platinum do not muddy the colors of gems in the way gold often does.
If you are looking for a ring that will stand out, there are many interesting designs available. How about a message ring? These may appear to be simple bands, but a hidden message is inside the band. These raised letters or symbols leave an imprint on the finger, creating a special message just for the recipient.

Botanical designs and animals are popular as well in engagement and designer rings. These can be a carved floral design on the band, a floral shape for the setting, or even unexpected styles like a sterling silver nest with pearls tucked inside, mimicking eggs.

If traditional is more your speed, there are still ways to make your choice a little less generic. A popular option is turning a simple oval solitaire so it sits horizontally, rather than vertically. This may seem like a minor change, but it is often enough to create an entirely new appearance.

Another fashionable option is buying a ring to wear between the first and second knuckle of the finger. These above-the-knuckle, or midi rings, may be too trendy for some, but they can make it possible for ring collectors to wear more of their collection at once.

The Selection Of Designer Rings in Colorado Springs is not meant to overwhelm, but to inspire. Spend time looking through the many options and talk to the jeweler about your own ideas. You may be surprised at what they are able to help you create.

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