Choosing the Right Dog Clinic in Olathe, KS for Your New Friend

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Animal health

Bringing a new animal into the home is always a joyful time. You’ll need to provide a number of things for your new family member, including toys, a bed, and more, depending on which breed you choose. Many remember to handle this tasks before bringing the animal home, yet overlook choosing a dog clinic in Olathe, KS to care for the new companion. Don’t make this mistake. You’ll want to have a vet lined up before choosing an animal so you have somewhere to turn if something goes wrong. How should you go about choosing a veterinarian?

Many start by asking friends and family who they use. You may wish to go a different route, speaking to the person who will be providing the dog. This may be a shelter, a breeder, or someone you have been referred to. Ask who they currently use, why they choose to use them, and if the animal has seen this vet before. You may find you wish to stay with this vet for continuity of care.

If you aren’t sure where you will be getting your new companion, you’ll need to research various vets in your area. Thankfully, the internet allows you to do a great deal of research from your own home. Check into the background, education and experience of different vets, and be sure to read customer reviews and anything else you can find online. Doing so will help you to narrow your choices to a few select providers.

With this short list, you’ll want to begin making appointments with the different vets, and make sure to put Falcon Valley Animal Hospital on this list. Spend a few minutes checking out their facility and interacting with their staff members. When you do sit down with the vet, you’ll want to ask about their philosophy when it comes to pets. Are you easily able to communicate with the vet, do you share similar ideas about pets and their role in a family, and do you feel comfortable with him or her? If you don’t, your animal will pick up on this and be uncomfortable also.

Don’t make your final decision on a dog clinic in Olathe, KS until you actually get your pet. The animal needs to have a say in your choice of vet. Allowing the animal to have input ensures a good relationship and that’s the most important thing.

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