Choosing the best plumbing contractor

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Plumbers and Plumbing

The process of finding the best contractor whether it be electrical, general construction or plumbing is very much the same, it takes patience, planning and investigating. As all plumbing contractors in Minneapolis have to be licensed it is important that you eventually validate their license as well as get references from the contractor which will allow you to confirm that the service and quality that he says the company has, actually does have. Other homeowners, builders or other contractors that work together with plumbers on a job site are great sources for names. There is a very good possibility that you know someone who has employed reputable plumbing contractors in Minneapolis in the past, getting their details can help you avoid hiring an unreliable plumber.

Phonebooks and the internet will have multiple listings for plumbing contractors but if you can avoid settling randomly on a name you will be better off. Before you select one of the indiscernible choices first exhaust all your personal resources that can hopefully lead you to a tried and tested plumbing contractor. Word of mouth advertising in any of the construction trades is important and getting the name of a reliable contractor can be a great way to start your selection process. If you have recently moved into your home a good source of information is the real estate agent you dealt with, these people are exposed to and working with contractors regularly and can often provide you will good leads.

Once you have your short list of possible plumbing contractors in Minneapolis now is the time to begin asking some questions. It is important that they are licensed and the license is current, it is also prudent on your part to ensure that the contractor carries liability and workers comp insurance and that the company is bonded. If any of the candidates resist showing you evidence that all these things are in order this may be a red flag and you should steer away from this contractor.

Once you are satisfied that you have two or three candidates that meet all of the commercial criteria it is time to ask for their proposal. Most plumbers will not have any problems in doing this but there are situations where the work is hidden under floors and behind walls and in cases like this the plumber may elect to give you various prices based on possible scenarios or to offer a price based on time and material. Regardless of how the proposal is offered, once you have chosen your contractor firm everything up in writing.

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