How to Choose a Suitable Glass Ash Catcher

There are multiple glass companies that manufacture ash catchers of different styles and designs. In order to choose which glass ash catcher is best for you, you’ll need to look at several factors. Of course your budget and style preferences will come into play when making this decision. But you also need to consider the features of the ash catcher before you buy one. Here are some important areas you need to look at when buying an AC (ash catcher).

Style of stem

Ash catchers are designed with different styles of stem. This is the area that affects percolation and diffusion so it must be properly considered. The stem you choose should match the style of diffusion you want to have. High end glass companies have made high quality ash catchers to provide various styles of diffusion and percolation so don’t expect to have limited options.

Check the weight

The weight of the glass ash catcher is certainly important because it affects the center of gravity and prevents the pipe from tipping over the minute you attach the ash catcher. When you choose an ash catcher that is too heavy, it can end up breaking your entire pipe. There are some people who have the habit of using more than one ash catcher in order to get better filtration. When this is done, you’ll be putting more weight on the main joint of the piece and this can easily make the tube to tip over. If you want to stack ash catchers, make sure you choose the type that is specifically designed for this without causing any balance issues.

Check the angle of the joint

Ash catchers can be attached to different styles of pipes and that’s why you need to find one that has the right angle of the joint. Ash catchers mostly come in two angles the 90-degree angle ash catcher and 45-degree angle ash catcher.

Choosing the right joint size

The joint size that is right for your ash catcher will depend on the size of the joint on the pipe that you are going to attach it. If you have a water pipe that will take a 19mm slide then you’ll have to pick an ash catcher that is 19mm so that you are sure it’s going to attach to the pipe. Don’t worry if you come across a glass ash catcher that you like but has a different size. Nowadays, glass companies have provided adapters that can be used to allow pieces that have different joint sizes to fit together.

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