Choose Between Burial and Cremation Services in Lafayette

It’s never easy to lose someone you love. The pain from a death can be difficult to deal with, but there are still preparations that must be made for the loved one who has passed. Making decisions at such a crucial time can be overwhelming, which is why many people opt to have a funeral home take charge of the preparations. With personal input and ideas from the family, a funeral home can take care of the necessary details to provide a loving remembrance of a loved one. With all of the major items being attended to, the biggest decision that will need to be made by the family is whether to have a burial, or use the Cremation Services in Lafayette.

Queen of Heaven Cemetery & Funeral Center can assist with all of the necessary arrangements, so that the burden is taken off of the grieving family members. This fifth generation family run business has a professional staff that’s dedicated to providing a gathering that will honor the memory of the deceased. They are conveniently located in the Lafayette and will happily work with personal wishes and budget needs. No matter what type of ceremony is chosen, the end result will reflect how the family wants to remember and honor their loved one.

Burial or Cremation Service in Lafayette can be decided on long before an individual has passed. Instead of forcing relatives to choose for you, plan ahead and let your family know what your personal wishes are. If cremation is preferred, a decision will need to be made regarding whether to place the remains in a mausoleum, or have them buried in the ground. A green burial can also be selected if the deceased wants his ashes scattered in a special place.

Death doesn’t need to be a burden. Planning ahead can lift the weight off of the people who are left behind. In a time of grief, an individual may not think clearly and may forget certain things that cannot be done at a later date. By planning ahead and making decisions now, an individual will not leave his family with the stress of making those choices while they are grieving. A pre-planning checklist can provide a good start to organizing what you’d like, before you no longer have the chance to make the decisions on your own.

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