Child Support in Kannapolis NC: Enhancing the Rights Of The Children

The state and federal governments are so much concerned about protecting the rights of children whether born in or out of wedlock. All children are equal, and they require equal treatment by both parents. It is the responsibility of the parent to take care of their children and provide the necessary support including providing the basic needs for the children. If you feel that either the mother or the father is an absentee parent and yet they are capable of supporting their child, then you need to get Child Support in Kannapolis NC.


When you hire an attorney to deal with such a case, the attorney may even guide you in establishing the paternity of the child when it is disputed. Through the court, the attorney may request the court to order a DNA test to be conducted to establish the paternity. This will be important for the child support cases where such a parent can be compelled by the court to contribute a certain percentage of their income towards the maintenance of the child.

The cases on child support can be frustrating but when you have an attorney dealing with your case, you can be sure that you will not be intimidated by the person that you are suing. This protection is very important for both you and the child as it can also be traumatizing for the child as most children can understand what is going on by the time they reach four years.

There are instances when a parent gets child maintenance orders, but do not contribute anything after the decision is made. This is a very frustrating experience to go through, but you do not have to worry if you have an efficient attorney for child support in Kannapolis NC. An attorney will help you to claim unpaid child support dues, and can also help you to modify an existing support order if the circumstances change.

With an efficient attorney, you can be sure that both you and your child are safe from intimidation and that your child lives the kind of life that you desire them to live. For these services, contact the firm of Seth B. Weinshenker and high chances are that you will get what you desire.

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