Celebrate the Life of a Loved One with a Burial Service in Eau Claire WI

The world stops when a loved one passes away. It’s a time for family and friends to comfort each other and remember the life of the deceased. This usually means that a Burial Service in Eau Claire WI needs to be planned. The task can feel overwhelming to people struggling with grief. At that time the family can turn to a funeral home for help. Funeral directors have been trained to help people through the earliest stages of grief. They can gently help the spouse or children design a service that will celebrate the life of the deceased.

There is no right way to Plan a Burial Service in Eau Claire WI. What matters is that it reflects the way a person lived their life and any spiritual beliefs they may have held. The service may be held in a religious institution with a religious leader conducting the service. Religious practices may dictate which songs are sung or readings read. Family members may take solace in following familiar patterns. Other families may prefer a less formal remembrance service. It can be held in a park or even at the graveside. A beloved pet may be included in the service, while friends sing a favorite song.

Funeral directors often encourage family members to share photographs and mementos of the deceased. If a woman loved to quilt, her family might honor her with a picture of her quilting. In addition, they might opt to display a few of her favorite quilts. If she also loved to cook, they might even choose to serve some of her favorite recipes at a party afterward. All of these gestures will help people feel comfortable remembering the deceased and sharing their memories.

The family can include a viewing with any of these services. Grief counselors believe that viewing the deceased helps people accept death and recover from the trauma more quickly. This includes children. If a parent is uncertain how to prepare children for this experience, they can ask the funeral director for advice. Smith Funeral Chapel is one of the area’s funeral homes that help people plan burial services. People can contact them for help planning a loved one’s service. Call them on (00) 00-000.

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