Celebrate Life by Treating Yourself to Some of the Best Steak in New York

There are many reasons to celebrate, but adding a tasty, juicy steak to the list only makes celebrating even better. Whether you want to celebrate an upcoming birthday, anniversary or holiday, you can start by making reservations at a steak house that knows how to prepare some of the finest steaks in New York. This includes finding the best steak in Westchester as well.

Dry Aging Provides Stellar Steaks

Once you are seated in a fine dining establishment known to have a great reputation, it will be easy to choose a steak that more than tempts your taste buds. Dry aged beef that is perfectly cut and flawless is your goal, of course. Steak houses that are known for their fabulous steaks will offer USDA prime beef that has been dry-aged to perfection. Every restaurant has their own aging methods, but those that are serious about providing excellent steaks use handcrafted aging boxes and keep the temperature of their aging rooms at the proper humidity level. Most steaks are aged for twenty-eight days minimum. Dry aging actually concentrates the flavor of a steak to give your taste buds a steak flavor that is absolutely unforgettable.

Enjoy Elegant Charm and Ambiance

Step into an atmosphere of elegance and charm when you visit a top steak house in Westchester. Of course the food is top priority with sizzling steaks being delivered to your table fresh from the grill. The atmosphere only adds to the quality of the food which affords customers a sophisticated ambiance that is perfect for celebrating holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just a quiet night out on the town. Those with experienced chefs attract local celebrities, famous stars, and steak lovers from all over the world.

A Cut above the Rest

Dine among the stars, the twinkling stars, not the celebrities. Some steak house locations afford you the ability to dine on outdoor patios that simply add to the ambiance. You can also choose a location that affords you the ability to dine near a roaring fireplace. There are even steak houses that have wine lounges that offer you many selections from some of the finest labels around. No matter where you choose to dine, when you are greeted with the aroma of some of the best steaks in New York, you are assured to have a dining experience you will never forget.

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