How to Calm a Child for a Dentist Visit

Are you wondering when is a good time to take your child to their first visit to the dentist? Do you fear that they can cry and be too nervous to make this trip? While many parents may think that taking their children to the dentist at a very young age is not beneficial or is a waste of time and money, this event could result in the complete opposite. Although children may be unruly while going to the dentist, there are a few simple methods to use to calm them before getting into the office. Whether or not your child has anxiety or high nerves, there are ways to reduce the upsetting outbursts and tears on your way to New York general dentistry.


The dentist is going to tell your child to open their mouth widely so that he can see inside. You can practice this at home! Try sticking a popsicle stick on their tongue like the doctor does to show them that the dentist just wants to take an extended look inside their mouth. It may also be a good idea to take your child to your own appointment so that they see your confidence in your appointment and how the dentist works with you.

Research Activities

With the unending resources that we have today, it can be easy to find activities and methods to help your child get accustomed to the idea of visiting a dentist. You can read about other parents’ experiences with taking their child to the dentist.

Play “Dentist”

Try playing dentist with your child at home. If you take turns being a dentist and being a patient, you child can gain confidence in being a patient and may even feel knowledgeable as to what the dentist may do to them when they visit a professional dentist.

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