The Best General Dentist In St. George, UT Will Make The Whole Family Smile!

Way back in olden times, going to the dentist was a whole ‘nother thing! The office was dreary, with a struggling, dusty plant and ancient magazines. The dentist frowned and bent over his hapless patient while he reached for this huge, whirring, scary-looking drill. The whole dental experience went downhill from there.

How things have changed!  Going to the office of a General Dentist in St George UT reflects a different, patient-friendly approach. People feel comfortable and welcomed while  high quality work is done as they relax. Any dental procedure can be done painlessly and with no anxiety with the appropriate use of sedation dentistry.

The Three Types of Sedation

Nitrous Oxide

This is the ‘laughing gas’ that’s been used in so many comedy scenes in movies. In real life, nitrous oxide is an inexpensive, easy way to make most dental procedures stress-free. The patient breathes in the gas by means of a small nasal mask, making the patient feel very relaxed while dramatically reducing pain. Most patients will experience few, if any, side effects.  At the end of the treatment, the patient is given 100% oxygen so that by the time the patient leaves the office, the effects of the nitrous have completely worn off.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation allows a patient to be more deeply sedated than is experienced with nitrous oxide. No needles are necessary.  When the patient arrives at the office, they are given a pill to take. While patients typically remain awake, they are unaware of their surroundings and the dental treatment being performed. When they leave the office, they do not remember the dental treatment they received.

IV Sedation

This is perfect for those who need to have extensive dental work done and don’t want to know about it. Also called ‘twilight sedation’, an IV is used to administer the medication. A needle is used to get the sedation procedure started, but there will be no memory of anything that happens after that. When the procedure is done, the patient will remember nothing about the treatment.

Hatch & Jeppson Dental provides the highest quality care to the entire family in a fun, relaxed environment. This General Dentist in St George UT offers all forms of sedation dentistry to their patients. Browse the website to learn more about the services offered and contact them to schedule an appointment.


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